Reciprocating Compressor



Instructor : Luis Infante (view profile)
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Reciprocating compressor training program intended for companies in the following areas :
• Chemical and gas processing,
• Gas Transportation
• Refining
• Oil and gas field operation
• Engineering projects and consulting

Forwarded to supervisors, engineers and technicians in operation, maintenance, engineering and selection of reciprocating compressors in the process/energy industry.

The overall objective is to increase operational reliability. The courses are geared towards the operator´s viewpoint, and are generic, non-linked to any brand or model while trying to cover the full OEM spectrum.

Level 1  Basic : Fundamentals, Configuration & Components
Level 2 Intermediate : Performance, Control, Special Types, Performance Softwares
Level 3 Advanced : Diagnostic and Optimization, Valve Behaviour

Wrong Sizing of a Reciprocating Compressor from Luis-Infante