Master Class in Root Cause Analysis: “The Latent Cause Experience”

Instructor : C. Robert (Bob) Nelms (view profile)
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Overview of the “The Latent Cause Experience”
Most Root Cause Analysis classes suggest how to either construct fishbone diagrams or cause and effect charts, or how to fill-in forms or use proprietary software. Whereas all these elements of a Root Cause Analysis appeal to the “engineering mind” and are in some cases helpful, they rarely change anything about the people involved in the incident, or their organizations.
Latent Cause Analysis is a technique developed over a period of 35 years to address the essence of “why things go wrong” – people. When something goes wrong within the businesses that people create, the causes of these problems will always be traceable to people. After all, it is people that design, construct, operate and maintain their businesses.
Latent Cause Analysis is all that Root Cause Analysis has ever been, and more. Its two major uniqueness’s are :
1) its absolute dependence on “evidence” to change the way people think about themselves and their surroundings and
2) its insistence that the people involved in the incident (at all levels) answer the following question: “What is it about the way I am that contributed to this incident, and what am I going to do about it?”
This 4.5 days workshop will transform the way the attendee thinks about things that go wrong, and enable the attendee to make a significant difference in their organizations after the training is complete.

4.5 days that will CHANGE the way you think
Participants will:
• SEE that Latent Cause Analysis™ is Failsafe Network’s “brand” of Root Cause Analysis
• DISCOVER the latest, life‐changing trends in Root Cause Analysis
• KNOW HOW TO initiate a Latent Cause Analysis with The 5 Items™
• UNDERSTAND the difference between a Maxi, Midi, and Mini‐LCA
• Understand how to PERFORM all the types of Latent Cause Analyses
• LEARN the ROOTS™ investigative process
• ANALYZE the 3 Ps of Evidence
• KNOW how to use the Situation‐Filter‐Outcome Model™ to reveal Latent Causes
• COMPREHEND the problems and pitfalls of most Root Cause Analysis efforts
• UNDERSTAND how to overcome these problems and pitfalls
• Be IMMERSED in some high‐profile incidents. You will be put in their shoes, understand what went wrong, and relate it to your own worlds
• Hear how OTHER organizations are doing Latent Cause Analysis
• DEBATE, DISCUSS, and GET INVOLVED with others in the class
• Most importantly, LEARN the value of the following question: “What is it about the way I am that contributes to our problems, and what am I willing to do about it?”

Who Should Attend?
• Corporate and plant reliability engineers and managers
• Systems and instrumentations engineers
• Operators and operations engineers as well as managers
• Maintenance technicians and engineers
• Plant and equipment design engineers
• Six Sigma practitioners
• Continuous improvement/Kaizen coordinators and team leaders
• Root cause analysis consultants and technology suppliers
• Senior plant and company managements
• Quality personnel and lab technicians
from various industries : Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Power generation, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Timber, Pulp and Paper and many more.

Why Should You Attend?
Bob Nelms is the originator of the ROOTS™ investigative process, as well as the WHY Tree™, the 5 Items™, the Situation-Filter-Outcome Model™, and most recently the RCA-related technique called “Latent Cause Analysis™.” His approaches have been tested both in actual investigations as well as in training classes since 1974. Chocked full of personal life experiences, Bob will guide you on how he arrives at the steps necessary to learn from things that go wrong!
Sessions will be interactive with extensive practices and application activities. There will be numerous case studies from a range of industries including oil and gas as well as opportunities for delegates to practice or apply materials individually to their own organization.
You will walk out of this class with a different attitude about things that go wrong. You will be armed with tools and energized with a conviction that you can make a substantial and positive difference within your organization. Most importantly, you will learn to lead by example by stepping out and seeing yourself as part of your problems instead of blaming them on other people and things.

Testimonials from Bob’s current and past clients
• For far too long, investigative methods have been avoiding the real root cause of everything that goes wrong – people. This is the most people-focused investigative process I’ve ever seen. I like it because it focuses on people issues in a constructive, but compassionate manner. This is what we’ve been looking for. This can change our culture.
• This method addresses it all, but in the most effective way I’ve ever seen. It addresses the Physical Causes of our problems, as well as the Human and Latent Causes. I never knew anything like this existed. It’s the missing link.
• It is obvious that Bob has been in this business since 1974. He has a wealth of experience, is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and even entertaining. It would be impossible for someone to walk out of this class without thinking differently about things that go wrong. I wish all our people could take one of his classes.
• This is much more than a “tool”. It’s a way of thinking that I will use wherever I work, as well as at home. I came into this class thinking one way, and I left thinking another. I wish our management would attend this class.
• If you are even beginning to think of getting involved with Root Cause Analysis, take one of Bob’s classes as soon as you can