The Essential Course of Gas Conditioning & Processing


Instructor : Ari A Minkkinen  (view profile)
Upcoming Session :Yogyakarta, 7-11 November 2016

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Course Overview:
The 10-day intensive course is designed for reviewing all unit processes in gas processing facilities including functions, how to size or rating and problem troubleshooting. It will also review the gas specification, related measurement and related instrumentation & control. The course will utilize the latest GPSA databook as reference. The GPSA databook will be given to all participants. The GPSA databook is selected since the databook has been proven as the widest gas processing industry reference.

Along the course days, there will be lots of exercising, calculator usage and practicing using the chart, graph and formula.

In the end of every week, there will be post-test in the morning and review session in the afternoon. The tests will be scored and marked in the back of each participant certificate of attendance. Special appreciation to the participant who achieves highest score in the class.

Who Should Attend?
All technical personnel involves in designing and/or operating natural gas processing facilities.
Special dedication to process engineer, unit engineer, facility engineer, field engineer or operation engineer.

Course Content
a. GPSA History
b. General Information
c. Product Specification
d. Measurement
e. Instrumentation
f. Relief System

a. Storage
b. Separator & Filter
c. Fired Equipment

a. Heat Exchangers
b. Air-cooled Exchanger
c. Cooling Tower
d. Pump & Hydraulic Turbine

a. Compressor & Expander
b. Refrigeration
c. Prime Movers

a. Post Test-1 (morning)
b. Review Test
c. Review Topic Day 1 to Day 4

a. Hydrocarbon Recovery
b. Fluid Flow & Piping

a. Water Treating
b. Fractionation & Absorption

a. Dehydration
b. Hydrocarbon Treating

a. Sulfur Recovery
b. Physical Properties
c. Thermodynamic Properties
d. Equilibrium Ratio (K) Data

a. Post Test-2 (morning)
b. Review Test
c. Review Topic Day 1 to Day 9