Operation & Maintenance of C.B. & Switchgear


Instructor : Owen Graham (View Profile)
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3-Day Course
This training course and assessment program is based on the IEC 62271
Standard for HV Switchgear, Part 100 – Alternating current circuit breakers

Who should attend?

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Supervisory Staff responsible for operation
  • Maintenance of electrical generation
  • Distribution systems

Course Content Details
Day 1
Electrical Hazards: Shock/Arc Flash
First Aid Treatment for electrical injury
Fault levels in a distribution system
Switchgear types and methods of arc extinction
Use of circuit breakers, contactors, HRC fuses and isolators
Day 2
Circuit breaker ratings
Rated voltage , Rated insulation level, Rated frequency, Rated normal current, Rated short-time withstand
current , Rated peak withstand current , Rated duration of short circuit , Rated short-circuit breaking current
, Transient recovery voltage related to the rated short-circuit breaking current.
Design and construction of an HV circuit breaker logic control circuit
The role of a Trip Circuit Supervision Relay
Interpretation of an HV circuit breaker schematic diagram for fault finding purposes

Day 3
Routine Testing of HV Switchgear
Dielectric test on the main circuit (oil, air, vacuum and SF6 type devices)
Tests on auxiliary and control circuits
Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit
Tightness test
Design and visual checks
Mechanical operating tests
Final Knowledge Assessment