Offshore Structures Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair



Instructor : Mohammed El-Reedy

Upcoming SessionYogyakarta28 November – 2 December 2016

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Course Description
This course will illustrated all information about fixed offshore structure platform. There are a lot of offshore structures worldwide, therefore, in this course will describe all the types of the platforms and their basic of design.
The basic design and loads that affect the offshore structure platform will be discussed in detail with the up to date method of structure analysis as the pushover structure analysis.
The selection of the proper configuration and layout of the platform will be illustrated. Now a days , there are a platforms has a life time over 30 years so there is usually required evaluating the existing platform to know its expected lifetime or if it can increase the load due to increase the number of wells. Therefore the ROV inspection methodology will be presented and the method of under water inspection.
The construction and repair of the mature structure will be discussed in this course. The risk based under water inspection with up to date methodology will be presented in this course.

Course Objectives
This course offering will review the fundamentals behind all types of fixed offshore structures and, in the case of fixed platforms, will cover applications of these principles.
The overall objective is to provide participants with an understanding of the design, construction and risk based maintenance for offshore platforms, specifically, the theory and process of such design. The use of current, applicable engineering methods in the design of fixed offshore platforms will be based on API RP2A.
In addition to the traditional lecture delivery, the course delivery emphasizes the use of group discussions and actual design problems in order to ensure participants can put the newly learned concepts to use.

Who Should Attend
• Senior engineer
• Projects Engineer
• Design Engineer
• Construction Engineers
• Project Managers