HV/LV Switching Procedures


Instructor : Owen Graham (View Profile)
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Who should attend?
Electrical Engineers, Technicians, Supervisory Staff responsible for operation and
maintenance of electrical generation and distribution systems.

Course Content Details
Day 1
Electrical Hazards
Shock/explosion/fire and burns
Calculation of fault levels
Precautions and methods of control
Permits/electrical safety rules/electrical authorisation levels
Practical Assessment EI-01
Isolate & prepare a safe work place to undertake maintenance on a 6.6KV/440V
distribution transformer. Include the issue of any permits and switching
programmes required

Day 2
Emergency isolations and First Aid procedures
HV/LV distribution earthing & floating systems
Use of Electrical Safety Rules for HV/ LV working Safety standards for isolation of
high voltage electrical systems
Practical Assessment EI-02
Isolate & prepare a safe work place to undertake maintenance on one half of an
11KV switchboard bus bar. Include the issue of any permits/precautions and
switching programmes required

Day 3
Operation of switchgear- use of contactors/isolators
Circuit breakers and HRC fuses. Integral earthing facilities and application of CME
Practical exercise on 60 MW
Distribution simulator to undertake synchronising and manual load sharing on
parallel generator operation
US NFPA 70E Electrical Safety standard for arc flash protection
Calculation of Incident Energy in an arc flash & selection of appropriate flame
retardant PPE

Day 4
Generator capability diagrams/ standing load and available capacity
Team Exercises to establish feasibility of requested load increase from available
generation capacity and standing load conditions
Discussion exercise of chosen case studies of past HV safety incidents

Day 5
Electrical protection schemes
Current transformers/ ratio/mag curves/ polarity checks and danger ofopen circuit secondary windings
IDMT over current relays settings and operating parameters
Differential protection schemes
Restricted earth fault protection schemes
Standby earth fault protection relays

Final written knowledge assessment
Group final discussion on course contents.