Hands-On Contract Management

“Master the meaning and operations of contracts in 2 days”
Instructor: Herve Baron (view profiles)
Upcoming Session : Offer for In-House Training Only

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How to Properly Control Client-Induced Changes in Your EPCI Project by Hervé Baron  PDF_downlaod

Course Objectives :

  • Clarify, by means of illustrations, the meaning of all contractual vocabulary, e.g., endorsement, excusable etc.
  • Explain the Contract clauses, which ones are critical and why
  • Explain what each party must do during the execution of a Contract
  • Explain how to calculate the time money due to a contractor for a change
  • Explain how to counter claims from contractor

Course Content :

  • What’s a Contract : risk allocation, the Contract & the law
  • Contents of a Contract: Principal, critical clauses, exhibits
  • Contract administration: what each party to a contract must do during the execution of a contract
  • Management of changes: : directed vs constructive changes, operation of the change and schedule clauses, price & schedule adjustments
  • Claims: types, examples, how to challenge them

Who should attend?

  • Contract Manager/Administrator, as well as new comers to these roles, from both Contractor and Company sides
  • Anyone involved in the execution of contracts and wanting to build a robust foundation in contract management in a very short time