Instructor Profiles : Anibal R. Arias

Anibal R. Arias is President and Technical Director of SEMTEC, a company specialized in Turbomachinery and its Associated Systems. Mr. Arias has worked 19 years for Petroquímica Bahía Blanca, an ethylene producer located in Argentina. During this time he was responsible for Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of Rotating Machinery; Maintenance Engineering and before resigning from the petrochemical company he was Mechanical Maintenance Manager.
In his past professional experience from 1975 to 2001, Mr. Arias taught engineering courses in Universidad Nacional del Sur. Before resigning from this position, he was Adjunct Professor of Machine Elements course.In 1990 he founded SEMTEC. Since then he has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on technical and maintenance organization matters in Argentina and around the world including “Compressor Performance Seminar”.
Mr. Arias has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Universidad Nacional del Sur and has extensive hands-on technical training in the USA with Davy-Mc Kee Corporation and Elliott Company. He is a member of ASME, The Vibration Institute and the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers.

Ted Gresh is President & CEO of Flexware, Inc., Grapeville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Mr. Gresh does consulting work, organizes turbomachinery training seminars and is technical director of Flexware software maintenance and upgrade and other engineering activities.
While at Elliott Co., Jeannette, PA, USA, he was Sr. Design Engineer in charge of the design of centrifugal compressors. During this period he was involved in the design of new centrifugal compressor staging, oil seal redesign as well as the resolution of various shop problems. As Sr. Compressor Service Engineer at Elliott Co. he was involved with the field-testing of compressors and steam turbines and troubleshooting various field problems like performance issues, bearing and seal problems and vibration problems including rotor instability problems.
Gresh received a B.S. degree (Aerospace Engineering, 1971) from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to numerous papers and magazine articles, he has published a book on the subject of compressor performance, and has several patents related to turbomachinery. He is a member of ASME and a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania.