Instructor Profile : Steve Kalota

Steve-KalotaSteve was employed by Coastal Corporation as the Operations Manager at their refinery in Rodeo, California from 1987 to 1990. He oversaw the entire refinery operations and operating personnel, while also involved with selection and generation of a Process design package for a new SWEC FCCU for the refinery. In 1990, Steve was employed by M.W. Kellogg as a Process Design Manager in their FCCU Technology group. He held this position for 3 years, completing 2 grassroots unit designs and numerous revamp design projects. In 1993, he assumed responsibility as Technical Service Manager for all licensed Kellogg FCCU. In this function, he provided all on-site technical support for 60+ operating FCCU throughout the world to resolve processing, design, or technology issues.

Expertech Consulting Inc. was formed in November 1997 for the purpose of providing specialized technical services for all aspects of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking process, utilizing skills gained from service and design positions at M.W. Kellogg, two U.S. refiners, and UOP, as well as the industry‚Äôs foremost experience with on-site commissioning activities. Expertech’s mission statement is to provide rapid, cost-effective, professional operations, engineering, project support, technology evaluation, and training services to clients to boost their prof tability through improved performance, equipment design, and

Expertech Consulting Inc. also is networked to other consulting groups and individuals to provide a full range of services. We are allied with The Process Group for professional support in FCCU downstream fractionation and absorption efforts and have access to independent M.E. and CAD personnel with previous, significant FCCU exposure.