Instructor Profile : Ari A Minkkinen


Ari Minkkinen is an acclaimed chemical engineer with over 40 years of fruitful professional experience in the petrochemical, oil, gas and energy field wherein he has authored over 17 process technology papers and over 30 worldwide patents. He was the Chairman of the Gas Processors Association GPA Europe from 1988-1990 and active member of the Editorial Review Board of the 11th edition of the GPSA Engineering Data Book.

From his previous affiliations with CE Lummus, Total, IFP, and IFP Training, he has gained a solid world reputation as a creative process engineer, advisor, innovator and instructor. Today, through his association with RHENINDO offers the oil and gas industry a unique training event characterized by:

  • Overview of the “state-of-the-art” global gas processing technologies
  • Objective presentation of advanced gas technologies
  • Novel methodology to visualize thermodynamics of gas processing
  • Original “food-for-thought” conceptual ideas for future development
  • Inspirational lectures to motivate innovation and a better energy world
  • Insightful anecdotes from a global engineering experience