C. Robert Nelms

C. Robert (Bob) Nelms is one of the most sought-after public speakers and consultants in the field of Root and Latent Cause Analysis in the USA. He stays busy teaching and speaking about RCA approximately 30 weeks a year. In his spare time, he moderates 3 Root Cause Analysis web-based forums, including the 1050 member “Root Cause Conference.” He has authored 3 books, written over 30 articles, and is a routine speaker at many international conferences. He is the originator of the ROOTS™ investigative process, as well as the WHY Tree™, the 5 Items™, the Situation-Filter-Outcome Model™, and most recently the RCA-related technique called “Latent Cause Analysis™.”

Nelms is a degreed Aerospace Engineer, graduating from Texas A&M University in 1970. His employee-related work experience includes 4 years as an aerodynamic loads specialist within Aerospace, and then 10 years as a Reliability Engineer in various Chemical Plants. In 1985, Nelms formed Failsafe Network, Inc. to focus on “helping people learn from things that go wrong,” his corporate motto. Today, he works with 5 Licensed Affiliates to help organizations, worldwide, in related endeavors. They have extensive experience in Oil and Gas, Chemicals, and most other business endeavors.

The demand for his work has taken him to all 50 states in the USA, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Venezuela, and Canada. Nelms has assisted companies from numerous industries and sectors such as :

ConocoPhillips Bridgestone Firestone
BP Epsilon Products
Mobil Chemical Thai Cogeneration Co., Ltd.
Shell US Dept. of Defense
Syncrude Canada Energy Northwest
Eastman Chemical Company Entergy Services
Suncor GLOW
Sunoco Greywolf Drilling
Motiva Lubrizol
ConocoPhillips, Indonesia Ontario Power Generation
TRW Southern Company
Alabama Power Company Altura Energy
Petrozuata Penn Maritime
Terra Industries Trinidad Drilling

More information about Failsafe Network Inc. and Bob Nelms is available at their website: