PT Rhenium Indonesia (RHENINDO) is partnering with individual expert with proven track record and global well-known technical development provider to set up and deliver the courses in Indonesia. Our purpose is to resolve one main difficulties on participating in high quality out of country courses which require strict long approval process.

Our Partners :


Thermochem provides chemical engineering, laboratory analysis, geochemistry and field testing services and products to a wide range of energy industries. From base operations in the Western USA and South East Asia, Thermochem has served oil and gas, power generation and renewable energy companies for 25 years.
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Failsafe Network, Inc.

C. Robert (Bob) Nelms is the founder of Failsafe Network, Inc. Bob is one of the most sought-after public speakers and consultants in the field of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in the USA.

He stays busy teaching and speaking about RCA approximately 30 weeks a year. In his spare time, he moderates 3 Root Cause Analysis web-based forums, including the 1050 member “Root Cause Conference.” He has authored 3 books, written over 30 articles, and is a routine speaker at many international conferences. He is the originator of the ROOTS™ investigative process, as well as the WHY Tree™, the 5 Items™, the Situation-Filter-Outcome Model™, and most recently the RCA-related technique called “Latent Cause Analysis™.”
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Whitehouse Consulting
Founded in 1992, Whitehouse Consulting is an independent consulting organisation specialising in the application of advanced control and information systems. It has no connection with any system vendor or installer. Further it does not itself provide such technology. Its consultants each have about 30 years of relevant experience, working on behalf of a large number of companies in the process industries. Whitehouse offers a blend of technical, commercial and organisational advice. Recommendations are based on a sound understanding of the business, the available technology and the organisational change necessary to fully exploit the profit improvement potential.
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SEMTEC is a Specialists in Turbomachinery and Associated Systems, a company committed to provide all services needed for turbomachineries and their associated systems at the customer’s site anywhere in the world.
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Flexware provides consulting services, software and training for Turbomachinery along with temp services for the petrochemical and power industries worldwide. Training Seminars, Information, Performance Analysis, Books, Gas Path Design, Inspection Services, Rotordynamics Analysis, Overhaul Assistance, Seals, Troubleshooting Services, Rerates & Retrofits, Performance Software, Personnel, Engineering Services
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Expertech Consulting

Formed in 1997 by Steven Kalota, Expertech Consulting Inc. has provided comprehensive technical services in all aspects of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking process to enable refiners to improve profitability through enhanced operating performance, mechanical design, equipment reliability, capital project implementation, procedures, training, and inspection.


Hudson Technology & Strategic Studies

Hudson Technology & Strategic Studies is a leading Integrity Management Consultant to the Oil & Gas sector from Ottawa, Canada.