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PT Rhenium Indonesia (RHENINDO) is a Jakarta-based company which main focus to support professional development and technical consultancy for professionals working at the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Engineering and Petrochemical industries in Indonesia and South East Asia. The company collaborates with highly experienced knowledgeable lecturers and reputable out-of-country training providers to carry out qualified trainings, seminars and other technical gatherings in Indonesia. We also offer technical consultancy not only limited to the oil and gas sector but also to chemical and petrochemical industries.

Our effort to bring the recognized experts and training providers to Indonesia aims to deliver quality trainings/courses at locations nearer to our clients which means less difficulties and better economic values. By having the best trainings inside the country, the participants can develop their technical competency easier, painless and more economical to their companies.

It is our continuous endeavor to provide best services and products to meet our clients need. We committed to maintain good synergy and mutual relationship with our partners in order to deliver what so called long term valuable benefits for both parties.

We believe that successes are resulted from collective positive actions by the people – hence we put our people as our most important assets. Our team in RHENINDO are professionals with extensive technical (process, mechanical, instrumentation) experience ranging from engineering design, start-up and commissioning, and day-to-day operations, solid marketing experience with broad network in the oil & gas as well as petrochemical industries, and proven capability in organizing events. All those combined will ensure service excellency which exceed customers expectation.