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2015 Public Training Schedule

Roy-Widjaja abdel1 mini abdel1 mini Steve-Kalota
by Roy Widjaja
16-18 Feb 2015, Bandung
by Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin
6-10 Apr 2015, Yogyakarta
by Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin
13-17 Apr 2015, Yogyakarta
by Steve Kalota
27-30 Apr 2015, Bali
ari mink Henry-Kister billbridges_174x157 darell mini
by Ari A Minkkinen
19-23 Aug 2015, Yogyakarta
by Henry Kister
11-14 Aug 2015, Bali
by Dr Darrel Gallup
7-9 September 2015, Yogyakarta
dr ove brat_ anibal herve Dr Paul A Frieze
by  Ove Bratland
14-18 Sept 2015, Jakarta (Bogor)
by  Anibal R Arias
19-23 Oct 2015, Jakarta (Bogor)
by Herve Baron
20-23 Oct 2015, Lombok
by Dr Paul A. Frieze
9-13 Nov 2015, Jakarta (Bogor)
IMG_0249 ari mink IMG_0249
by Myke King
9-13 Nov 2015, Jakarta (Bogor)
by Ari A Minkkinen
9-20 Nov 2015, Yogyakarta
by Myke King
16-20 Nov 2015, Jakarta (Bogor)

In House Training 

All our training programs are available for In House training or Customized Training to better suit your company need. Call or email us, we will be happy to assist you.
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