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2014 Public Training Schedule

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Turbomachinery Performance: Centrifugal Compressors, Axial Compressors, Steam Turbines & Gas Turbines by Anibal R Arias / Ted Gresh 21-25 Apr 2014,Bandung

Mercury Management Course ‐ Handling, Removal & Control in Oil & Gas by Dr Darrel Gallup
12-14 May 2014,Yogyakarta

Master Class in Gas Conditioning and Processing by Ari A Minkkinen
19-23 May 2014,Lombok

Myke King’s Process Control – Advance Process Control Techniques – Part 1 by Myke King
2-6 Jun 2014,Jakarta

 Steve-Kalota  IMG_0249  derek-bell Luis-Infante

Master Class of FCCU and RFCCU by Steve Kalota
3-6 Jun 2014, Bali

Mykee King’s Process Control – Advance Process Control Techniques – Part 2 by Myke King
9-13 Jun 2014,Jakarta

Introduction to Project Management
(Oil and Gas Industry)
 by Derek Bell 25-27 Aug 2014,Yogyakarta

Reciprocating Compressor: Fundamentals, Configuration and Components by Luis Infante
16-19 Sep 2014,Semarang

 Luis-Infante  anibal  herve  roy

Reciprocating Compressor: Performance, Control and Special Types by Luis Infante
29 Sep-3 Oct 2014,Semarang

Machinery Couplings and Shaft Alignment by Anibal R Arias
14-17 Oct 2014,Bali

Hands-on Engineering Management by Herve Baron
28-30 Oct 2014,Jakarta

Advanced Course on LNG Process and Operation by Roy Widjaja
5-7 Nov 2014,Bali

 Henry-Kister  AbdelAziz2  AbdelAziz2

Practical Distillation Technology by Henry Kister
4-7 Nov 2014,Bali

Integrity Management of Onshore and Offshore Pipeline by Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin
17-21 Nov 2014,Yogyakarta

 Corossion & Corossion Control in Oil And Gas Industry by Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin
24-28 Nov 2014,Yogyakarta